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  • We’re innovators and we’re reinventing the way we stay connected with you. Using our Advantage Reporting Application and our in-room tablets, our educators and assistants are able to quickly and easily record your child’s daily participation in activities as well as provide you details on their food consumption, sleep, rest and bowel movements.

    In addition, you have the ability to direct messages safely and securely right to your child’s teacher. Did you forget to advise of the late pickup this evening? Craving a picture of your child or wondering if they ate their breakfast? Send us a message and we will respond right away! With live updates and automated reports sent directly to you each and every day, it is just one of the many ways we keep our parents informed and one more way we are changing the way to deliver child care in Manitoba.

  • “It’s unprecedented and it’s exciting – it’s all part of the Advantage Difference”